Sixth Lesson

Third Declension—Feminines


Singular Peminiies

Nom. auris the ear

Gen. auris of the ear

Dat. auri to the ear

Acc. alirem the ear

Voc. auris ear

  • Abl. aure by, with the ear


Nom. aures the ears

Gen. aurium of the ears

Dat. auribus to the ears

Acc. aures the ears

Voc. aures ears

Abl. auribus by or with the ears


Nom. urbs the city

Gen. urbis of the city

Dat. urbi to the city

Acc, urbem the city

Voc. urbs city

Abl. urbe by, or with the city Plural

Nom. urbes the cities

Gen. urbium of the cities

Dat. urbibus to the cities

Acc, urbes the cities

Voc. urbes cities

Abl. urbibus by, or with the cities

Rule for Gender

Nouns ending in as, +, ans and is, es in parisyllables, and s preceeded by a consonant, are feminine gender.

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